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Search engine submission or search engine is a main part of internet, there are lot of  search engine are available but google is on top.

The search engine is a product framework that is intended to scan for data on the World Wide Web. its work is Different. People Find Things with Keywords and Search Engine Provide Result.

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search engine

Most search engine has there own algorithm, updates like google.

But some search engine follows another search engine result to show when we search keyword like yahoo search, as all of you know, yahoo search engine follows bing result.

These websites help to your site visibility on top search engines if you are use proper seo practice, unique content, etc.

To make sure that your content is quickly crawled and indexed by all google blog services so that it appears in search results of every region of world, please submit your website to below search engines.

How can you submit your blog to search engines?

Signing up for their webmaster account
Submit your Blog URL directly

After submit your blog/ website url, you need to add proper sitemap to below webmaster tools, now you have a question,

How to create sitemap,

yes, It's simple
go through this link and give your blog/ website link, then click the Generate Sitemap Button, done.

Here are 10+ search engine submission list with submitting url to submit your new blog/ website. But still most common and popular search engine is google.

1. Google
2. Bing
3. Yandex
4. Baidu
5. Yahoo
6. Sogou
7. Exalead
8. Gigablast
9. Infotiger
10. Activesearchresults
11. Scrubtheweb
12. Entireweb
13. Official
14. Exactseek

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