How to Get Traffic from

Today, I'm gonna show you How to Get Traffic from Pearltrees. com.

Pearltrees is a visual bookmarking tool allows you to create and share your favorite sites, YouTube videos also.

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How to get traffic
How to get traffic
Pearltrees is one of amazing website I have ever seen, I love that you can "team" up to create a collection of pearls with other people.

This is a social tool in that people can follow your pearls, see your pearls, and communicate with you through commenting and messaging.

Domain authority 87

Organic keyword 515k+

Organic monthly traffic 706k+

You know what is the cool thing it’s free, you can submit links and create collection like me without any cost, yes its free.

But Pearltrees give us three premium package with more special features, if you have money, so go on

I was created my own Pearltrees account 3 month ago, Now, I have 5.5k views in my Pearltrees collection.

What makes Pearltrees so special?

It's probably different for each user but Pearltrees lets people:

Have everything they like on the web organized in one place.

Access their web items from anywhere using a PC, a Mac or an iPad.

Enjoy a unique visual interface to keep everything they like at hand.

Play with pearls, they're made to be manipulated.

Discover the pearltrees from other members of the community, everything is public!

Join a community of more than 200.000 users and 10 million pearls… it's free! (with no advertising)

Pearltrees has an app and extensions for your different browsers to make your bookmarking easier.

Pearltrees is a place to collect, organize and share everything you like on the web/ internet.

You can keep at hand the web pages you like and enrich your account with Pearltrees from other members of the community.

Also you can subscribe others collection, if that collection are same then you can subscribe others collection too.

Who is Pearltrees made for?

In simple anybody who want more blog/ website traffic.

Anybody who has ever wanted to keep a webpage (about a favorite movie, for researching travel, for conducting research or just because there are things you've found that you don't want to lose…) to retrieve it one day or to share it with someone. This means a lot of people!

If you don’t promote your blog, how will anyone know about your great content? Driving traffic to your blog is about as essential to your blogging success as your writing itself.

Take the opportunity to cross promote your blog on Pearltrees. Submit about your blog/ website link can be an incredible way to reach out and connect with other bloggers/ new audience.

If you use Pearltrees well like me, it can drive more traffic back to your blog/ website. But simply submitting your all link, articles of your blog post with a link back to your site will not work.

So, you need to use internal links.

You need to be pro-active. You need to be creative. You need to use great marketing when you are submitting about your blog posts.

Here are new method, we always give new method for our visitors those method are uncommon way to generate more traffic to your blog/ website. Try these out to drive more traffic to your site.

Now actually you have question about how can generate more traffic with

Ok let's clear this all up. In this post, we'll talk about

How to get traffic from

First thing is, create new account through this link, no need specific username just create new account.

Second thing is, submit your all link of articles that you want to generate more traffic, those article must have an internal links (at least 3 internal link). Now you can submit all links at same time, no issue.

To submit links you have to click add (+ icon).

After click the add (+ icon), you have to click the web page box. (check below image)

Then put the link what you want to publish, now just click the add button.

Now you have to collect all the link card into one collection, by drag and drop (check below image)

That is the time to edit your collection. To edit your collection click the edit button in your collection.

This the important thing, now is the time to add your all keyword into your collection, to add your target keyword, click the Editorial and tags button.

Now, all steps are complete, but last important thing is, quantity of Internal links on your article, more internal link is equal more click more click mean more traffic, in this case you need to put more internal link in your article to another pages on same website.

(Internal links are links on a certain website or blog post that links to another page on that same website.)

Also you can edit, customize your pearl with there premium package, you can put more internal link, pictures and your can make that article more eye connected the audience
(pearl is a one article from your collection)

If arise any ambiguity during link submitting article/ link or registration process you can comment below, I’ll help you.

You can check out my profile in to understand well, also you can subscribe my collections.

Thank You.


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