Modern Application of Electronic Communication | E-mail Marketing

It is estimated that nearly 294 billion emails are exchanged daily, and nearly 1.9 billion email users worldwide. Thus electronic communication seems to be growing beyond traditional mail communication.

Do you want learn about email marketing right now?; Today, I am going to share with you about electronic communication and its importance.
email marketing

This enables marketers to quickly communicate with their existing customers and prospective customers, at a lower cost. That said, email is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that marketers can use today.

There are good and bad sides to every marketing strategy. There is a downside to email marketing as well. The main consequence of email marketing is that emails or spam messages are sent to hundreds of unknown people at once, without their prior knowledge.

This can lead to customers' email accounts being overloaded with unwanted messages and their displeasure. In 2010, it was revealed that 90% of emails sent daily via the Internet were spam.

Therefore, it is quite difficult for marketers to communicate with their customers through email campaigns.

This is why marketers need to ensure that their email campaigns are not misused, and that the customers are not dissatisfied. The letter containing the marketing message sent should not be intended to appeal to the customer but help to make a sale.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is said to be an email marketing campaign by marketers to communicate with their existing customers and prospects to become potential customers.
electronic communication

The main purpose of this communication process is to educate, promote and thereby make them their customers and enable them to buy their products and services over and over again.

The importance of email as a marketing strategy;

Any marketer chooses a marketing strategy that aims to easily address their customers and sell them the product or service they sell.

With the proper use of email technology in a systematic and systematic way, any marketer can achieve this objective easily.

The following points will make it clear why a salesperson should use email.

Quick and simple;

Email is much simpler and faster than other forms of communication. The relevant marketing message can be instantly communicated to thousands of customers with the click of a button at the end.

Keep customers informed;

Email communication is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep customers constantly informed about their products and services.

Low cost;

Email system is very low cost compared to other marketing strategies.

Even if you have to pay a fixed fee on the amount of emails sent or monthly, it is hundreds of times cheaper than communication sources such as television, radio, or newspapers.

Build relationships;

The email system communicates to each customer individually, thus enabling long-term email campaigns to establish a close relationship with the customer.

Increase traffic;

You can increase the number of visitors to your site by put the link to the pages of your website in that email you sent.
increase traffic and sale's

You will be able to see how much of this is traffic (visitors), and you can determine the effectiveness (click through rate) of the email campaign.

Planning and executing an email campaigns;

To start an email marketing campaign you need to have a proper plan and, before you get started with the project it is important to pay attention to the following matters.


The purpose of the project must first be determined. It is especially important that the objective be numerically computable.

For example, suppose a project is being launched to promote existing customers' (x) products for a 10% discount throughout the month.

Accordingly, the objective of this project is to increase (x) product sales by 20% and sales of other products by 7%.

This will enable you to evaluate the project's success at the end of the project.

Online and offline strategy alignment;

You should always make sure that your online marketing project is in conjunction with general marketing projects.

Otherwise you could have a lot of unnecessary issues and your entire marketing project will fall apart.

Timing and frequency;

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